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Our story

Hi, we are Raz & Shaked, both pilots turned entrepreneurs. At the beginning of our journey we recognized a problem in keeping small planes and helicopters clean safely and efficiently. Conventional water pressure methods weren't always available, also they were creating unnecessary puddles, wetting our clothes and risking damage to electrical components of the aircraft. Determined to find a solution, we embarked on extensive research with chemists and a leading detergents factory that led us to develop a revolutionary cleaning formula that turns into foam, absorbs the dirt and only needs to be wiped without rinsing. We thought it could be a good solution also for our vehicles so we gave it a shot and immediately realized its potential for car owners. At that moment, Rubbit was born. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, we are rapidly expanding.

Join us in revolutionizing the way we clean our vehicles, you won't be disappointed.


"As a car-detail hobbyist, I spent hours washing my car, always trying new products and methods. In my experience, other waterless solutions provided a frustrating process and poor results. The moment we started working with an alternative washing method for aircrafts, we realized we had to adjust this amazing formula and technique for cars."


"I love a clean car, but found the process of a carwash to be time-consuming and frustrating... and the other option of an industrial car wash is an industry of contamination with high amounts of water wasted for cleaning just one car. We developed our product to reduce the waste and make the process of a car wash easy, fast and accessible - resulting in a positive impact on both people and the planet.."



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